Measure Ring Size At Home

It’s time to get some refined piece of jewellery and you decide to go shopping for it. You check online and find that there’s an online store which has a beautiful ring available. And it’s your lucky day because there’s a sale on it! What more do you want, right? A ring with the perfect diamond, perfect colour, perfect style, perfect finish. You hit on the add to cart option available and you are directed to the ring size chart. This is where you get flustered and don’t know what to do because you are unaware about your ring size and the sale is only on for a few hours!

Well, take a deep breath firstly miss. We are here to help you out and gladly so. Here’s an instant and easy to do guide to help you measure your ring size at home, at your own convenience. So, today onwards you no longer have to panic when you need to choose your ring size.

Let’s get started!

1. Measure your finger:

There are two ways to figure out the size of your finger. One is with the help of a string and the other is with a strip of paper. Any string would do- a string of cloth, jute or wool. All you have to do is take the string and tie it loosely around your ring finger. Slide it up till the knuckle. Don’t forget that your ring needs to be able to slide smoothly, just like those DMs. Just kidding! What we mean to say is that your ring needs to be able to move up and down without any resistance for it to be a perfect fit. A little tight and getting the ring to slip down becomes a task!

Do the same thing with the strip of paper. Mark where it feels like the perfect fit for you. For the string, you can cut it apart to check the fit of your makeshift ring. The next step is to figure out what the size of this makedo ring is. You can check the circumference or the diameter of the ring with the help of a scale. There are plenty of ring charts available online. Crosscheck your number with the chart and you will have your ring size with you!

2. Measure a ring you already have:

The easiest way to measure your ring size is to measure it with the help of a ring you already have on you or in your wardrobe. All you need to do is place it on a scale and check the diameter of the ring. You can then match it with a ring chart available on the internet. Voilà! There you have your ring size in less than 2 minutes. Yes, it’s faster than cooking yourself a packet of Maggi!

3. Owning a ring sizer:

This might not be the leading technique to measure your ring size, but it’s the safest. You can’t go wrong with your size when you have a ring sizer at home. They are readily available online. You can get yourself one for easy answers. There are ring sizer belts that are available as well which are easier to even carry around, incase you want to keep a ring sizer handy with you for yourself or for someone who might need them (you never know when a need can arise). And these options are inexpensive as well.

If you are a ring enthusiast and love to occasionally splurge on rings of various kinds, here are two things you must remember:

1. Printing a ring size chart:

Having a ring size chart at home already printed might seem unnecessary because it’s all available online. But it’s just easier to place a ring over the different ring sizes on the chart until it matches to its perfect fit. Get yourself a chart which not only has the numbers and sizes but also the different ring sizes drawn on it for the quickest way to get your perfect size!

2. The bigger size always wins:

When your ring size is in the middle of two sizes and you are confused which one to go with, always choose the bigger one. An ease in wearing your rings is always preferable than a ring that gets stuck up. A smaller size is difficult to deal with. It is hard to slip it in and even if it does, taking it off becomes a troublesome task.

We hope these easy to do ring size measurement techniques help you find your perfect fit, at the convenience of sitting at your home!

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