The Making Of A Jewel

Driven by our enthusiasm for contemporary designs and astounding craftsmanship each piece we make has a ton of heart in it. From the underlying drawing stages completely through to setting, cleaning and purity stamping, we are continually auditing our production methods to ensure we give the best quality items, something we are sure about.

Each piece we make is specially made only for you. We don't group produce so you can have the assurance we have taken consideration in each progression, permitting us to make something really outstanding. We thought we'd take you on journey and explain some of the steps of so you can really encounter and experience the journey from scratch.


The main design stage overflows with imagination. Our team become consumed working with my hand sketches making minimal designs on CAD to represent our clients vision.

We work and improve the jewelry until the initial representations become more exact. One piece can be revamped up to 10/20 times to ensure the measurements feel right. In the event that a plan doesn't exactly make the cut it's documented for later thought.

When the general look is something we are happy with and most importantly our customers are satisfied, we move onto the creation stage.


This is the greatest advance in changing this imaginative thought into an adored Jewels. For our team this key cycle includes different discussions with specialists in the workshop to get the piece perfectly.

Now and again, during this stage we further re-tweak the plans to get the best assembling answers for our pieces. This progression is significant in light of the fact that the objective is to make quality jewels that is made to last.

When we are happy with the wax models we give the approval to start creation.


The designs at last comes to life! The parts are carefully worked by cutting the metal, patching with a welding light, making settings and changing the stones consistently to get accurate setting.

The structure and bends begin to take structure uncovering looks at the final piece, however the cycle isn't done at this time…


This is the place we bring the radiance, we move onto this fragile stage where the metal goes through the completing cycle. By working in little segments the metal is polished and cleaned to mysteriously open the magnificence of the valuable metal. This cycle is done on various occasions when setting to draw out the high sparkle in the metal and stones.


The specialty of setting needs an variety of particular methods. Various styles of settings are expected to secure, improve and ensure the stones relying upon the aesthetics we want. This is a very precise job and our most experienced craftsman ensure each stone fits perfectly; we need to show the nature of the stones and material in the most ideal manner conceivable.

Inspection & Approval

This progression may appear to be the most straightforward however it is imperative in our cycle. Each piece is separately glanced over to guarantee it satisfies the guidelines of our quality standards. In the event that our rules are met we send it over to be have a purity stamp.

Each bit of jewels from UB JEWELS additionally accompanies the brand imprint. We also provide complimentary engraving on our rings and bracelets.